What to Do If You Have a Car Accident Injury

If anyone is hurt in a car accident, they should call 911 immediately to ensure that emergency medical personnel treat them on the scene and make sure that the incident is documented in a police report. If they aren’t taken by ambulance to the hospital, they should visit an urgent care clinic or their general practitioner as soon as possible. When an injury is reported to a doctor, the details of the injury should be recorded so that any future complications can be linked to the accident. Keeping thorough records of medical treatments, time missed from work and expenses incurred can also be important to help with a car accident injury claim later on.

Injuries from car accidents often involve the head and spine, but can also include cuts, scrapes, puncture wounds and internal injuries like back trauma or traumatic brain injury. Many of these injuries are not obvious, and may not show up in a physical exam, but family members should watch for irritability or changes in behavior that might indicate a head injury. Penetrating injuries are caused when foreign objects enter the body during a car accident, such as shattered glass or loose cargo that is thrown around during an accident. These injuries must be evaluated by a medical professional on-site or in the hospital to make sure that no internal organs have been punctured.

A stomach injury can occur when a person’s seat belt is pulled too tight during a crash, leaving the stomach area vulnerable to impact and pressure. The injury can result in bruising, numbness or pain. Stomach injuries are sometimes difficult to detect, but a doctor can evaluate a stomach injury to rule out serious conditions like a hernia or spleen damage.

Most people who experience car accidents have a variety of injuries www.caraccidentclaimsingapore.com and will need medical attention at some point. It’s important to let all on-site medical staff know of any numbness, tingling or pain, even if they seem minor and don’t appear to be related to the crash. If the numbness, tingling or aches get worse over time, they can be linked to the crash and could form the basis for a claim for damages.

Burns are often a result of being exposed to hot engine parts or spraying liquids during a car accident. They can also result from contact with other vehicles or from being thrown against interior surfaces during an accident.

Car accident injuries can be extremely devastating to people and their families. Many of the most serious injuries are psychological, resulting in anxiety, depression and changes in mood. It’s very important to note all emotional injuries at the time of the accident, as they can be just as valid and substantiated by medical professionals as a physical injury. Keeping a journal of your experiences and thoughts about the crash is an excellent way to document the emotional impact of the event. This can be useful in a claim for compensation for emotional injuries, as well as financial losses resulting from the collision.