A 13-year-old boy has died in a house fire in Geraldton. The blaze tore through the Mount Tarcoola home on Thursday evening, leaving two boys in critical condition in hospital.

The annual Spring Clean-up is underway and is a great opportunity for residents to dispose of more oversized items with their regular curbside garbage collection. During the event, landfill tipping fees for residential waste will be waived at the Beardmore, Longlac and Nakina Waste Management Sites. During the event, only clean green waste (not mixed with rubbish) will be accepted and there are restrictions on certain items like refrigerators. More information can be found here or at any ward office.

The acting is top-notch, and the plot does make a valid attempt to explore the complexities of race and racism in America, but when it comes to making those themes resonate, the film sputters. It seems more like a tired rehash of First Reformed and The Card Counter than an expansion of the director’s vision. Perhaps if the movie had been titled A Gardener’s Dilemma, it would have felt more authentic. Instead, it just seems like a gardener who is sick of his own company and wants to finally start living. And who can blame him? He deserves a little more sunshine than this.

Those characteristics are impacting everything in Paul Schrader’s Yard Clean Up Geraldton most recent film, Expert Nursery worker. The third portion in an informal set of three that incorporates First Changed and The Card Counter, this story fixates on a man battling with the transgressions of his past. Joel Edgerton plays Narvel Roth, a forlorn man who works in the huge nurseries of well off Mrs. Norma Haverhill (Sigourney Weaver). He is the attendant of her roses, and her apparently spoiled granddaughter Maya (Quintessa Swindell) before long turns into his mentee. Their relationship is laden with strain as Narvel should stand up to his neo-Nazi past and the way that he was once a Nazi selection representative.