Email verification is a process of identifying and removing bad email addresses from your marketing lists before you send. It’s similar to using a spellcheck tool on a written document before you hand it in for review.

The best email validation tools will examine the MX records of an email email verification domain to confirm that it is active and capable of receiving emails. Depending on the sophistication of the solution, it may also check for risky emails such as role accounts and disposable addresses.

There are an estimated six billion email addresses in the world, but many are no longer valid or have never been used at all. Invalid and undeliverable email addresses damage your email deliverability, hurting your reputation with ISPs and ESPs. This can lead to high bounce rates and your messages landing on spam traps, causing more harm to your reputation.

A high bounce rate can be costly for marketers, as it results in lost revenue from missed opportunities to sell products and services. As a marketer, you’re required to make every effort to ensure that your email campaigns reach their intended recipients. This requires a solid understanding of your email delivery and reputation.

Using a free online email checker is an easy way to check for validity of a single address. These tools can also be used to validate large lists, ensuring that all addresses are valid and are capable of receiving email messages from your brand. In addition, these tools can identify and remove hard bounces from your list, reducing your overall bounce rate and delivering a better experience for your audience.

As the popularity of email grows, it is becoming a critical tool in the online marketing arsenal for businesses of all sizes. Email address collection is occurring in more places than ever, both offline with point of sale (POS) entry at physical locations and events and online via opt-in, contests and other content downloads, account creation, customer service contacts and user communities. As such, it’s important to have a tool in place that can quickly and easily identify invalid or bad email addresses in order to maintain the integrity of your marketing database and ensure that your message is reaching the right people.

Regularly cleaning your email address lists with a batch validation tool will help to keep your deliverability rates high and avoid any unnecessary hard bounces, which can affect your reputation as well as your sender score with ISPs. This can have long-term consequences as your ability to reach your subscribers through email will diminish over time. In fact, if you’re not careful, your email list can become so full of hard bounces that you might even get blacklisted by ISPs – a very dangerous and costly situation for any marketer. It’s worth taking the time to clean your email lists regularly and use a quality batch verification or real-time validation service. It will save you both time and money in the long run!